Yuria Sekiguchi

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Japanese Name: 関口 ユリア
Romanized Name: Sekiguchi Yuria
English Name: Yuria Sekiguchi
First Appearance: "Nichijou Episode 4"
Affiliated: Kenzaburou Daiku (friend/senpai)
Makoto Sakurai (Classmate)
Japanese VA: Ai Hirosaka

Yuria Sekiguchi is a student at Tokisadame Highschool where Nichijou is mostly set, although she goes to a different class than Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi, and Mai Minakami. She is a member of the Igo-Soccer Club and is usually seen reading Helvetica Standard mangas. Yuria is also interested in calligraphy.


Yuria has light blonde hair and is only seen wearing her school uniform. A characteristic trait is her eyes, which are black bars without pupils. It is likely that this is not her real face and she is just trying to seem inconspicuous, as other characters use the same face.


Yuria is extremely shy and seems to be very inexperienced in interacting with other people (as seen when she prefers to read mangas instead of playing games with Kenzaburou Daiku or introduces herself very hastily to the new club member, Makoto Sakurai).

She has a crush on Kenzaburou, although she tries to hide it. Nevertheless, he is the only person able to force Yuria to display emotion (like making her blush). It is implied that Kenzaburou finally realizes this at the end of the anime.


Kenzaburou Daiku

She had crush on him.

Makoto Sakurai

A Classmate.

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