Wikia-Youtube integration has been updated from direct embedding into indirect one (shown as still picture).
Below is a sample of old embedding vs new embedding:

New Embedding

Nichijou - Stair Climbing Game01:33

Nichijou - Stair Climbing Game

Old Embedding

Why should we use the new integration method?

  1. Because the new method conserves bandwidth.
  2. Because wikia-youtube may drop the old integration (in foreseen future).


  • For unknown reason some videos can't be converted (ex: Q4K2atBgv5g‎, 3lZVjgTIc94, LzhkplFCNg4, E89-nGgvO_8‎‎‎).

Why Do We Need this Page?

Since parameter for the new integration is not (too) obvious, this page is created for contributor that want to embed youtube video into this wikia - while using template:Clip. Every time we embed YouTube video using the old method (i.e:
wikia would automatically convert it into the new one. However, auto-conversion doesn't occur when the embedding is inclosed in template:Clip.

Why Use template:Clip?

Because it would promote consistency in this wikia. When we decide to change the look and feel, we will simply need to change one template rather than editing each page that has video in it.

Parameter Not Obvious?

The new parameter is video title, and on the surface there are (at least) 2 problems with this approach:

  • Two (&/ more) different videos may share the same name
  • Name may includes one/more wikia's reserved characters (ex: <, >, [, ])

In fact, for the time being I believe this method is the only way (to use the new wikia-youtube integration).

  1. When I tried to put a title directly I got nothing. Yet after I used this conversion page, I got the exact same parameter (as per title).
    1. There must be some prerequisite background activities to enable the new integration, ex: creating redirection & creating still picture.
  2. When I tried to put a working clip from another wikia, I got nothing.
    1. The new integrated parameter works on single wikia only (instead of working globally).

How to Use this Page

Since you've reach this section, you should have intention to use the new embedding; here's how:

Get watch parameter from a youtube video

Sample -
The paramater is the string after watch?v= which is TEPHCUrjcpY

Edit Next Section (i.e. Conversion Section)

  1. Copy the code: <youtube>WatchParameter</youtube>
  2. Paste it to your favorite text editor.
  3. Replace WatchParameter with the actual parameter from previous step (ex: <youtube>TEPHCUrjcpY</youtube>).
  4. Edit Conversion Section.
    1. Go to Source mode.
    2. Paste the new code in (ex: <youtube>TEPHCUrjcpY</youtube>).
  5. Publish your changes
  6. Edit it again
  7. Go to Source mode - notice the code has been changed to [[File:NewParameter|425px]]
  8. Copy NewParameter and feed it into template:Clip (video parameter).

Conversion Section

Edit below to perform conversion

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