Yorokobi to Shiawase to
Nichijou DVD BD 7 Special Edition Bonus CD (2011)
Nichijou OST - Yorokobi to Shiawase to
Song by
Song Info
Duration 1:30
Composition Nomi Yuuji
Album Info
Album Nichijou BGM & Radio Bangumi 7
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Yorokobi to Shiawase to is a musical composition from the Nichijou soundtrack. It was used in scenes in which Nano feels an overwhelming feeling of sentimental happiness (as opposed to the more upbeat, fun-having happiness of Ukiuki Happiness): Episode 13 (untitled scene in which Hakase tells Nano she gets to go to school tomorrow); Episode 14, Part 56 (Nano tries on her uniform at home); and Episode 26, Part 110 (Hakase surprises Nano before school by removing her key).