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The encyclopedia

The Magic Encyclopedia of the Fey Kingdom, containing various information of artefacts and items, including the wooden cubes

The two Wooden Cubes are artifacts of the Fey Kingdom which can give the possessor of the cubes the power of the ancient weapon, giving the possessor the capability to destroy the world, granted they are holding both of the cubes.

Mentioning of the Wooden Cubes

Episode 21

The soldiers are in search for a lost wooden cube inside the airship, when they are confronted by a mysterious girl which demands the soldiers for the other wooden cube, while one of the cubes was tied to her hair. One of the soldiers, Soldier 22 tries to confront her, but he is killed by the girl, which already possessed one half of the cube's power. The Military Staff tries to negotiate an alliance with the girl with the other wooden cube, but is also killed, and the other Wooden Cube taken.