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Japanese Name: ウェボシー
Romanized Name: Ue~boshii
English Name: Weboshii
First Appearance: Episode 1
Affiliated: Fe-chan, Misato Tachibana (friends)
Japanese VA: Youko Tamaki

Weboshii (full name unknown) is a student at the same school where Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi, and Mai Minakami study at. Her best friends are Fe-chan and Misato Tachibana.


Weboshii has green hair and is seen both in her normal school uniform as well as a dark blue AC/DC shirt with orange pajama bottoms at Misato's home. She mostly resembles a punk kind of girl with her ponytail and choice in relaxed clothes.


Weboshii is a more realistic girl compared to Fe-chan's optimism. She is very caring and will cheer Fe-chan up during her failures and is strongly encouraging of Misato's (almost) love life. She can become aggressive as seen when tickled by Fe-chan.


  • Due to her AC/DC shirt and her punkish attitude as stated above, she probably likes rock music.
  • She had a short-lived crush on Nakanojo due to his mohawk. This was shown when she, Fe-chan, and Misato were talking about their love lives. However, this crush was terminated when Nakanojo's mohawk was shaved off.

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