Tsuyoshi Nakanojou
Japanese Name: 中之条 剛
Romanized Name: Nakanojō Tsuyoshi
English Name: Tsuyoshi Nakanojou
First Appearance: "Nichijou Episode 1"
Japanese VA: Kazutomi Yamamoto

Tsuyoshi Nakanojou is a 15-year-old student of Tokisadame Highschool with a natural mohawk. Nakanojou's hair does not grow on the sides (his hair only grows at the center). He later learns that he inherited his hair from his father. He does not believe in the supernatural, and tries more than once to prove it wrong. In the future, he wants to become a scientist.


Nakanojou has yellow hair with a natural mohawk. He said that his hair does not grow on the sides (his hair only grows at the center). At some point, he tried to alter the style of his hair to make it look normal, but it does not take long until it changes back to its natural mohawk look. After being shaved by Nakamura-sensei, he was bald until Principal Shinonome accidentally put hair grower on his bald head.

Nakanojou's eyes are drawn as a straight line just like Yuria Sekiguchi has. He is usually seen wearing a black school uniform or a white shirt. But during holidays (except in Osorezan, searching for a medium to prove that ghosts do not exist) or at home, he wears a t-shirt.


As Weboshii says, he might look like a delinquent, but his personality is way different than that. He is actually a good, kind person, as he always kindly waters flowers and takes care of them. He even uses honorifics when calling a person.

Other than that, he has a scientific spirit. He does not believe in ghosts and spirits due to there being no logical cause in their existence.


Kana Nakamura

He is often the victim of Nakamura's failed attempts to catch Nano Shinonome.


Tanaka is his friend who also has an unusual style of hair.


Weboshii had a short-lived crush on Tsuyoshi due to his mowhawk. However the crush was terminated rather suddenly after Nakamura shaved the mowhawk off - an impulse after he fell into a hole filled with adhesives.

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