This page is a personal project being worked on over time.  It is in the early stages of development, so it will be fragmented and filled with notes for a while.  Please do not edit until it is complete.

Nichijou has many storylines happening at once. There are the two main ones, the Trio Sucharaka and Shinonome Laboratory storylines, but there are many others. By the end of the anime, nearly all of the storylines are resolved.

This page focuses mainly on the anime, as the manga has not been translated as of now.

 Trio Sucharaka

All storylines focusing on Yukko, Mio, Mai that focus solely on their characters. Stories do not have to include all characters if it is important for an individual (such as the Mio-Sasahara story).

[This section is being used to develop the format for the other sections.]


Mio - Bio

Mai- Bio

Yukko - Bio

Relationships (May be included in Characters or left out completely)

Info. Info about character relationships with other characters added at end. Organized as: Yukko-Mio, Yukko-Mai, Mio-Mai, All Together, then list Mio- [list of other relationships], Yukko-Others, Mai-Others. Relationships with Lab characters will be in other section.


Storyline A (maybe have a showcased scene from it or something?)

Part 1 [Real Name]

Rundown: Mio and Yukko walk down street. God provides Yukko with a day's worth of money and food through objects with decent monetary value and some fish.

Analysis: It shows that Yukko has God's favor. It plays into her ending in that she brightens everyones day desptie her shortcomings and low IQ, which pleases God. Mio is supportive.

Other Storylines that Feature Trio Characters

Mio is featured in X, Y, Z.

Yukko is featured in V, W, X.

Mai is featured in nothing because she's so self-centered. This is a joke don't get upset.

Shinonome Lab

All storylines about Nano, Hakase, Sakamoto that do not include any members of the Trio. Will also include Crow story.

"The Girls" (placeholder title)

Storylines that include members from both main groups after they meet.


Entire Igo-soccer story, including all intertwining storylines. May include the rest of Takasaki-Sakurai storyline since the Igo-soccer storyline already contains most of it.

Other (not final title)

All other storylines, maybe separated by character or whether or not it's school related.

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