Shinonome labo

Shinonome Lab

The Shinonome Lab is the residence of Hakase, Nano, and Sakamoto, located in the town of Tokisadame. It has a kitchen where Nano cleans, cooks and does laundry and a living room which serves also as a bedroom (all Shinonome household members sleep there).


The Shinonome Lab has 3 hallways, a genkan (entrance) a living room, a laundry room, a bathroom, a kitchen, a patio connected to a changing room, and a bedroom.

Main Hallway

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This is the main hallway, going from north-south. It starts at the genkan (entrance). It is openly connected to the 2nd hallway, has double sliding blue doors going into the bedroom, 2 brown doors next to eachother and another brown door near those two, and double sliding paper doors which lead to the Living Room. It has 2 windows at the end of it.

2nd Hallway

2nd Hallway

The 2nd hallway is connected to the first one, starting at the genkan. It has 2 sets of double blue doors, and a double brown door, which all of them lead to the bedroom. It has a window facing south in the middle of the hallway. This is the only hallway that leads to a single room. (NEED A BETTER PICTURE SHOWING THE WEST SIDE OF THE HALLWAY)

Living Room

  • The Living Room
  • The back side of Living Room

The Living Room


Bedroom Angle1

The bedroom has 3 exits, which are 2 sets of double blue sliding doors, and double brown doors. This is the room where Hakase, Nano and Sakamoto sleep. They both sleep on a white futon, Hakase having a blue shark blanket, and Nano having a violet blanket with multicolored dots. There is a drawer, a stool, and a lightstand in the room.


  • It was seen on Episode 20 that Hakase installed a hidden door in the 3rd hallway.
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