Osoroshii Kiki to Nouryoku Kaihou
Nichijou DVD BD 8 Special Edition Bonus CD (2012)
Nichijou OST - Osoroshii Kiki to Nouryoku Kaihou
Song by
Song Info
Duration 1:25
Composition Nomi Yuuji
Album Info
Album Nichijou BGM & Radio Bangumi 8
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Previous song Shoujo no Obie
Next song Atatakanaru Joshi no Yuujou

Osoroshii Kiki to Nouryoku Kaihou is a musical composition from the Nichijou soundtrack. Essentially the theme to Mio's most intense freakouts, it was used twice: In Episode 16, Part 65, when Mio loses it and knocks out a police officer, Yuuko, and Sasahara's goat; and in Episode 24, Part 102, when Mio reacts to Yuuko adding that Nano was kissing Sasahara.

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