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Nichijou is a Japanese anime that aired from April to September 2011 in Japan. Based off of the manga series of the same name, it mainly revolves around a group of high school freshmen, Yuuko, Mio, Mai, and the familial group of the Shinonome Lab, teen android Nano, her 8-year-old creator the Professor (Hakase), and their talking cat named Sakamoto. Together they face daily challenges in the town of Tokisadame such as school, social life, and untold secrets, all the while experiencing the weird and profound moments of everyday life.


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Random Episode

Nichijou Episode 10

2Part40 (14)
Yuuko arrives late for class but is unable to enter due to the various traps set up by Mai.
Part 40
6Part41 (50)
Haruna Annaka goes to the park to eat Nagashi sōmen but the food is being served by a mad woman.
Part 41
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Random Character


A middle school student who met Yuuko in Chapter 112 of the manga, and is a classmate of Mihoshi Tachibana. Although she is seen only in the manga, Sumika makes a cameo appearance in the second ending along with Tanabo. Her parents are known to have a considerable amount of wealth which implies she is the younger sister of Kenzaburou Daiku.
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Random Song


Let's Search For Tomorrow
( "Let's Search For Tomorrow"?)
12 - Let's search for Tomorrow
Let's Search For Tomorrow is an ending-credits song from Nichijou Episode 25 of Nichijou performed by Yukko, Mio and Mai.
See: Let's Search For Tomorrow's Album
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Random BGM & Radio Bangumi

Kyoushitsu de no Kaiwappoi Nichijou
( "Kyoushitsu de no Kaiwappoi Nichijou"?)
In Classroom Conversational Like Ordinary Life
Nichijou OST - Kyoushitsu de no Kaiwappoi Nichijou
Kyoushitsu de no Kaiwappoi Nichijou is a musical composition from the Nichijou soundtrack.
See: Kyoushitsu de no Kaiwappoi Nichijou's Album

Maa Maa no Kiseki
( "Maa Maa no Kiseki"?)
A Little Miracle
Nichijou OST - Maa Maa no Kiseki
Maa Maa no Kiseki is a musical composition from the Nichijou soundtrack.
See: Maa Maa no Kiseki's Album

Nichijou no Radio Digest 12
日常のラヂオ ダイジェスト 12
( Nichijou no radjio daijesuto 12?)
Nichijou Radio Digest 12

Nichijou OST - Nichijou no Radio Digest 12

Nichijou OST - Nichijou no Radio Digest 12

Nichijou no Radio Digest 12 is a radio digest from the Nichijou soundtrack.

See: Nichijou no Radio Digest 12's Album
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Featured Video

Safety Dance AMV - Best Upbeat 2011

Safety Dance AMV - Best Upbeat 2011

Safety Dance by Shin AMV

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  • LamsunAT

    all character's Birthday

    November 30, 2018 by LamsunAT

    do you know your favorite character's birthday?

    what I found :

    • Nano : 7 March
    • Mio : 30 November
    • Mai : 17 Febuary
    • Yukko : 26 May
    • Nakamura : 10 July 

    If you know Hakase, Sakamoto and other character's birthda…

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  • Bluequartzdragon


    Ok, around 4 days ago, Nichijou was removed AGAIN from Cruchyroll due to Funimation leaving the circle of companies. This really annoys me. I was watching quite a few of those anime th…

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  • Molgaboi

    Nichijou' no himekuri dorama CD
    Nichijou's daily calendar drama CD (roughly)

    I'm interested in it but sadly I didn't understand Japanese clearly...

    Can you make it clear?

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  • Bluequartzdragon


    November 6, 2018 by Bluequartzdragon


    This is really just a test, but I might as well make a real blog post! Anyway... 

    Ok, question, has anyone ever known where to get the Nichijou soundtrack?? I've looked everywhere that I possibl…

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