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Nichijou is a Japanese anime, based off an ongoing manga, aired in 2011 in Japan. It is about a group of bumbling high-school freshmen, Yuuko, Mio, Mai, and their robot-friend, Nano built by an 8-year-old professor (Hakase). Together they face daily challenges like school, social life, and strange encounters through a comedic point of view.

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Info - Japanese Not Rendered Properly

Today (28-Aug-2014 1:00 PM GMT) I noticed that my Google Chrome can't render Japanese properly. A bit of googling revealed the problem is widespread. I fixed mine by reversing the suggestion in that link:

  1. goto chrome://flags
  2. ENABLE the flag for "disable directwrite"
  3. relaunch CHROME

In my case I DISABLE the flag and relaunch and problem solved.

Hope this helps.

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