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"Episode 0"
Mio's reaction when she discovered that Yuuko got a 1%.
Japanese Name: 日常の0話
Romanized Name: Nichijou no Zero-wa
English Name: Nichijou Episode 0
Directed by: Kazuya Sakamoto
Written by: Jukki Hanada
Original air date: March 12, 2011
Episode List
Episode 1

"Nichijou Episode 0" (日常の0話 Nichijou no Zero-wa?) is the OVA of the Nichijou anime. The OVA was written by Jukki Hanada and directed by Kazuya Sakamoto. It aired on March 12, 2011. It was shipped with the sixth manga volume.

Chronologically, this OVA definitely takes place after the 5th episode, as Sakamoto was already a part of the Shinonome household in this episode. Further, based on events that may be referenced by Mio that occurred in even later episodes, the OVA is likely set after at least the 20th episode, and may very well be set after the last episode of the series itself.



The series opens in class 1-Q, where Yuuko Aioi sheepishly tries to convince Mio Naganohara that she really did only score a measly 32 on the last assignment; but Mio wants to see it for herself. Somewhat disappointed, Mio reminds Yuuko that they said they'd show each other on the count of three; Mio showed Yuuko her grade (a 67), why won't Yuuko fulfill her part of the deal? Clearly embarrassed, Yuuko repeats that she got a 32; but Mio still wants to see. "I'm telling the truth!" Yuuko insists. She then uses some logic: 32 is a terrible score, so why would Yuuko lie about it? "Thirty-twelve!" she adds, trying to laugh it off. Mio corrects her, unamused. Yuuko suggests they just leave it at that and gives an odd, nervous clap. Mio relents and agrees to let it be, greatly relieving Yuuko; besides, Mio's own score wasn't that good either. Yuuko gives a sigh of relief as Mio goes to sit down.

Then Mio strikes! Having lulled Yuuko into a false sense of security, Mio spins around and grabs Yuuko's worksheet. Dramatic classical music plays as Mio brings the paper towards her in slow motion, revealing that Yuuko's actual score was (gasp!) the loneliest number of all: One.

Mio stares at Yuuko's lonely grade completely astounded, and is soon trembling and sweating in horror. She quickly blinks herself out of her stupor only to notice Yuuko sitting at her desk, head in hands, shimmering in embarrassment. "That's all I can do..." Yuuko mumbles. Still somewhat stunned, Mio carefully places Yuuko's assignment on her desk (with the grade facing down). Mio puts her hand in front of her open mouth in shock, unsure of what to say. She then closes her eyes and strains to think of something, anything to say. Suddenly, an angel from Helvetica Standard pushes a button, which causes a box to open and press a button on the back of a miniature Mio lamp, causing the light bulb to turn on. "Oh! L.E.D." a strange man reads as neon lights spell out the words in the darkness next to the light bulb.

Back in reality, Mio gives Yuuko a "way to go!" Yuuko does not take this well. Mio frantically waves her hands in front of herself. "No no no! I didn't mean 'way to get a 1', I meant..." Mio tries again. "Remember how you forgot your homework the day before yesterday?" Yuuko falls on the floor dramatically, hitting the lockers at the back of the room before limply lying on the ground. Mio quickly tells Yuuko that isn't what she meant, either. "You did your homework but forgot to bring it in, right?"[1] Mio waits with bated breath for Yuuko to respond; she eventually does, giving a no-hearted[2] "so...?" without looking up. Mio clenches her fist in motivation. "It's that mindset which counts! You don't usually do your homework, but that time you did! That's really hard to do!" For some reason, the roof is suddenly shown as a figure, (probably Sasahara) and is suddenly blown up (probably by Misato Tachibana). Principal Shinonome is then briefly shown sweeping up as Mio continues with her speech. "It's the same with dreams and ambitions. The first step is always the hardest.[3] And you've done that, Yuuko! You've cleared the hardest part!"

"The hardest part?" Yuuko repeats; emotionless, again not bothering to look up. Mio continues to tell Yuuko that she's cleared the hardest part, and it seems to very slowly get through to her. Yuuko doubles down. "You're amazing, Yuuko, and you may not have noticed, but to a normal person, that's a really hard thing to accomplish!" Yuuko slowly pushes herself up off the floor. "Well, I guess..." Yuuko suddenly cheers up as she continues, "'re right!" Mio continues to cheer on Yuuko as she stands up. "But you're definitely better than me, Mio-chan," Yuuko says, sweeping herself off. "After all, you always do your homework," Yuuko adds, glancing sideways. [What emotion is her face right now?] Mio tells Yuuko that it's not that impressive; it's just a habit to always do her homework. Yuuko did something she doesn't usually do, and that takes real motivation. [Yuuko then gives the most anime face I've seen in this series, and have no idea what the heck she's doing. Her tongue is pushing one of her cheeks out as she looks at her hand, hovering near her head and doing... something. I guess it kind of looks like she's a fish on a hook, but is that even it? Would Yuuko consciously do that? WHAT IS THIS?!]

Mio then pictures herself fishing in a stream, having just got a bite; the fish being a metaphor for Yuuko. Back in the classroom, Yuuko sheepishly rubs the back of her head. "But you know..." Mio then informs Yuuko that trains and cars use the most energy to get moving; if you think of it that way, Yuuko has an immense amount of power within her. Embarrassed, Yuuko keeps switching between looking at Mio and looking away.

Yuuko then puts her hand up to shield her face from a sudden light shining on her. "I... see." Mio then imagines the fish jumping out of the water, hook in mouth. "Little by little..." she tells herself.


Meanwhile, robotic girl Nano Shinonome tries to give the young Hakase, who has a cold, some medicine, which she refuses to eat, and tries to get advice from their talking cat, Sakamoto. Finally Hakase eats the medicine that Nano mixed with pudding called Crunchy pudding.


Later, Yuuko, Mio and their friend Mai Minakami go on a train ride, which is completely empty on that time of the day.

  1. May be referencing Episode, Part.
  2. It isn't even half-hearted.
  3. Ain't that the truth?

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Nichijou Episode 0

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