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Nichijou 1

Nichijou is a cute and strange anime, as various characters (such as an android, an elementary-school-age scientist, a goat-riding "aristocrat"[1], and much more) combine into one of the most mundane yet beautiful experiences.

It was based on the manga, and was animated and produced by Kyoto Animation. It's currently discontinued, without any relevant news of it returning for another season. It was aired in Japan from April 11, 2011, to September 26, 2011.

Regular Japanese channel networks do not air the series anymore. In addition, although the series can now be legally watched on Crunchyroll under the name of My Ordinary Life, it was taken off its website from 2014 to 2018. However, the series is still licensed in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment.

The series is commonly considered to be a sketch comedy, where the gags are presented in a series of separate scenes, of which some are connected to each other chronologically or in context.

Many of the scenes in Nichijou are categorized based on the title of the scene. Scenes within a category could have the same running gag or general structure. A few instances of these categories include 'Helvetica Standard', 'Short Thoughts', and 'Things we think that are cool'.

Where It Stands Against Similar Shows

Although people tend to compare this gem with the likes of Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star, it falls on its own category. Once you peel out the thin layers outside: the setting (high school life), the characters occupation (high school girls) the similarity ends. Although all are slice-of-life entertainments, the other two have a loose plot, chronicling the girls growth all the way to graduation. Nichijou, on the other hand, seems to be completely random. Even the chapters in manga are not presented in chronological order.

Love It or Hate It

Due to its randomness, the jokes tend to be hit or miss. It would miss most of the time if one doesn't have sufficient understanding. In short, if you have no/minimum knowledge about Japanese culture, the jokes might miss you most of the time.
In this aspect fansubs do more justice than the official one. While the official one tries its best to give smooth/perfect translations, the formers choose to leave some rough edges. To better deliver the jokes across, fansubs give footnotes/extra info accompanying the speeches.
Q: What's the fun if you have to explain the joke to be funny?
A: Well, to each his own.
Q: Do we condone/support piracy with above statement?
A: Rather than pitting legal vs pirated, our interest is on the subject itself: Nichijou. If anything, please consider this as a plea for translator teams to reconsider the scope/completeness of their works (for future projects).

To be honest, some jokes are still lost to us. But (rather - Precisely,) this is one of the reasons why we are involved in this Wikia, to enrich & share our understanding about the world around us. So, we can Laugh/Smile/Grin more often.

Chances of Getting a Season 2

As of this writing (February 2016), there's still no news whether Nichijou: 2nd Season will be coming soon. The reason is because of the low sales of the BD and DVD releases in Japan, according to Shunji Suzuki, the director of the Evangelion franchise, when he went to the industry meeting. Also, the fan base of Nichijou is pretty scarce in Japan, and this anime is pretty underrated, not only in Japan but also around the globe.

In other words, there's a slim chance that Nichijou will get the next season that it deserves.


  1. Aristocrat wannabe is the proper term. He is actually the first son of a farmer family