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Misato Tachibana
Japanese Name: 立花 みさと
Romanized Name: Tachibana Misato
English Name: Misato Tachibana
First Appearance: Episode 1
Affiliated: Mihoshi Tachibana (Sister)
Weboshi (Friend)
Fe-chan (Friend)
Japanese VA: Chika Horikawa

Misato Tachibana is a peach haired high school girl who generally acts cold towards Koujirou whenever he does anything that reminds her of how she likes him, or simply doing anything at all. She is a member of the Kendo club.

Misato's feelings usually materialize as assault with various guns and heavy weaponry that come out of nowhere, which Koujirou miraculously survives despite being injured, and just turns white with the dust. In reality Misato has feelings for Koujirou, but due to her tsundere attitude, she constantly denies her feelings and shoots Koujirou. She somehow manages to always trace everything back to Koujirou in conversations, even when he wasn't involved in it, leading her to wildly deny accusations, such as marriage and children, that nobody said.


  • Her character popularize another slang: GUNdere - taking tsundere personality to the extreme.
  • She may based on Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku no Railguns.

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