Mihoshi Tachibana
Mihosi Tachibana
Japanese Name: 立花 みほし
Romanized Name: Tachibana Mihoshi
English Name: Mihoshi Tachibana
First Appearance: Episode 18
Affiliated: Misato Tachibana (Sister)
Japanese VA: Manami Honda

Mihoshi Tachibana is the younger sister of Misato Tachibana. She practices kendo, much like her older sister.


Mihoshi has darkish pink colored hair with two thin strands of hair that go down almost to her shoulders. She has brownish pink eyes and wears a school uniform colored black and white. She is usually seen carrying a long green case with a shoulder strap on her back, containing a Shinai.


Misoshi is generally nice around her sister and she often gets along with Misato. She does have a temper though and draws out weapons much like her sister, albeit not as often as she does. Mihoshi also tends to laugh at others' misfortune or embarrassment; even though she tries to hold her laughter in, she isn't very good at it.


Misato Tachibana

Mihoshi gets along very well with her older sister, but will sometimes tease her about her relationship with Koujirou Sasahara.

Yoshino Naganohara

She seems to be jealous of Yoshino because of how proficient she is in kendo.

Sumika and Tanabo

Two friends and classmates of Mihoshi's.

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