King Albert
Japanese Name: アルベルト王
Romanized Name: Aruberuto ō'
English Name: King Albert
First Appearance: "Nichijou Episode 7"
Affiliated: Princess Starla (daughter)
Dolph (adopted son)
Soldier 8 and co. (employees)
Japanese VA: Tamio Ōki
King Albert was the ruler of the Fey Kingdom and guardian of the Wooden Cubes at the beginning of Episode 7.  He has a daughter and wife, as well as an adopted son.  Although not much is known about him, it can be inferred that he is a benevolent leader, as he took Dolph into his home after his parents died and was able to recruit a large personal army.  His wife can be seen in his family portrait, but she is never mentioned.  Because of this and the fact that Princess Starla guards one of the wooden cubes and not her mother, it is possible that the queen is dead.  Also seen in the portrait is a black cat with a bindi .

Betrayal and Disappearance

At one point King Albert decided to take a trip around the world in a giant airship for an unknown reason.  He brought Princess Starla and Dolph, and the ship was manned by his army.  Dolph, who was also the commander of the Army, had been turning the soldiers against the king and used the trip to capture the Albert while he was in the air.  Dolph takes Albert's wooden cube and leaves to find Starla, who has the other.  Dolph's plans are foiled in the end and Starla is unharmed.  At the end of the first installment of the Fey Kingdom Storyline, Starla commands the soldiers to take her to her father, to which they respond by cheering.  However, Albert is not seen again in future installments.  Although it is likely that he survived, it is possible that he was executed before Dolph was stopped. In the manga it is implied that he survived.

Royal Family Portrait