Kawaiku Hashiru Hashiru Hashiru
Nichijou DVD BD 2 Special Edition Bonus CD (2011)
Nichijou OST - Kawaiku Hashiru Hashiru Hashiru
Song by
Song Info
Duration 1:36
Composition Nomi Yuuji
Album Info
Album Nichijou BGM & Radio Bangumi 2
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Next song Hakase no Same to Inu

Kawaiku Hashiru Hashiru Hashiru is a musical composition from the Nichijou soundtrack. It was used in Episode 2 (Part 5), Episode 9 (Part 39), Episode 10 (Part 40), Episode 12 (Things We Think Are Cool), Episode 16 (Part 67), Episode 21 (Part 88), Episode 22 (Part 95), Episode 23 (Part 99), Episode 24 (Part 102), and Episode 26 (Part 111).

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