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Image of Karasu

Karasu is an oddly-shaped crow found by Hakase. He spent a day at Shinonome Laboratory and uses Sakamoto's scarf to talk, which Hakase gave to him while Sakamoto was sleeping.

Although he was able to understand that Sakamoto wanted his scarf back, he did nothing to comply with this, instead enjoying his time with the kids. He eventually took the scarf with him when he took off, much to Sakamoto's horror.

Note: Other crows in this series look and behave normally.


Unlike the elitist Sakamoto, Karasu is very polite and accommodating to others, and got along quite well with Nano Shinonome and Hakase.

Image Gallery

Goodbye, Crow

Nano and Hakase tearfully say goodbye to Karasu.


Even shenanigans have limits.

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