Incantation of Resurrection (or the variant of) appears several times:

  1. ちよた にけら はとほ らすて のはて きらと なりは してと
  2. ちよた にけら はとほ らすて

The first variant appeared twice in episode 2

  • Recited by Mai in stair-climbing game.
  • Later Mai tried to enter that phrase in her game - only to be notified it was invalid.

The second variant can be heard in the song Sucharaka San-nin Shuu.

It's a reference to Dragon Quest 1, which in Japan used passwords rather than save games.


Stair Climbing Game

Nichijou - Stair Climbing Game01:33

Nichijou - Stair Climbing Game

Rock-Scissor-Paper-Gun Game

Nichijou - Incantation of Ressurection00:18

Nichijou - Incantation of Ressurection

Lyrics for The Incantion Of Resurrection






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