Hidoi Gokai Kara Kuru Shocking
Nichijou DVD BD 11 Special Edition Bonus CD (2012)
Nichijou OST - Hidoi Gokai Kara Kuru Shocking
Song by
Song Info
Duration 1:34
Composition Nomi Yuuji
Album Info
Album Nichijou BGM & Radio Bangumi 11
Navigation (Master List)
Previous song Kikai Ningyou desu ne
Next song Sakurai-sensei no Dokidoki Seito Shidou

Hidoi Gokai Kara Kuru Shocking is a musical composition from the Nichijou soundtrack. It is generally used in shocking scenes where something terrible then happens, like in Episodes 14 (Part 58), 20 (Part 86), 22 (Part 96), 23 (Part 97), and 25 (Part 108).

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