Japanese Name: 安中 榛名
Romanized Name: Annaka Haruna
English Name: Haruna Annaka
First Appearance: Episode 2
Japanese VA: Kaori Sadowara

Haruna Annaka is a girl in the same class as four of the main characters, Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara, Mai Minakami, and Nano Shinonome. She mostly appears in gags that are not in any way related to the main cast.


Annaka has blonde hair and a large red ribbon on her head. At Tokisadame Highschool, she's wearing her school uniform. Outside school, she can be seen wearing plain clothes.


Annaka is a bright and happy character, but she is often seen speechless when confused (due to strange incidents surrounding her). She also loses her head when given impossible orders (like drawing hair on a bald head) and accepts them while bewildered.


Pyon! Just kidding!

Annaka shows her rabbit-like pose when she was advised by Miss Sakurai about her large ribbon on the top of her head in Episode 2.

Annaka appears in gags that involve her being bewildered at commands given by other people in Tokisadame and school. Two of the gags occur in school, and both involve Nakanojou and Takasaki-sensei, where she is asked by Takasaki to draw Nakanojou's hair using a black marker pen when his hair was cut by Nakamura.


  • She bears a resemblance to Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star, because both share a similar hairstyle and ribbon, although Tsukasa's hair is purple and her ribbon is yellow.
  • It is shown that she is skilled at handling a rifle in "episode 12".
  • Due to her typical comical reactions, many fans have affectionately given her the nickname of "Eh-chan".
  • There is a Annaka-Haruna Station (安中榛名駅 Annaka-Haruna eki) in the city of Annaka, Japan serving the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

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