Fey Kingdom airship e21

The Fey Kingdom airship, as appears in Episode 21, Part 91.

The Fey Kingdom is a kingdom that exists in Yuuko's daydreams. It is also the base for the Nichijou video game.


While the Fey Kingdom sequences are invariably shown to exist solely in Yuuko's mind as a distraction from class, the location of the kingdom within its canonical universe is uncertain. The only setting given is a floating airship, occupied by members of the royal family; possibly top officials; and the military guard. Though it is possible that the entirety of the Fey Kingdom exists solely on this airship, it is not confirmed. However, Earth is shown in Part 77 to be the planet whose atmosphere the kingdom inhabits.



A painting of King Albert, the unnamed queen, and Princess Starla

The royal family appear to be the sovereign rulers of the Fey Kingdom, given their possession of the valued Wooden Cubes. King Albert has traditionally possessed one of them, while Princess Starla has held the other. The princess is notably "foul-mouthed" in nature, and she is known to send soldiers plummeting to their deaths for failing to entertain her. A painting in the royal family's dining room depicts a queen as well, though she herself remains curiously absent from all of Yuuko's daydream sequences.

The organization of the military is vague, though it boasts at least a captain, a scholar, and a staff officer who is known for his skill in negotiation. All soldiers bear numbers on their caps, though the significance of the numbers are unknown. It is possible that a soldier's number supplants his name, since even the designated officers are only referenced by their titles or related nicknames.

There has been at least one instance of mutiny within the Fey Kingdom. Its mastermind, Dolph, had swayed possibly the entire military to his cause, with them joining him in abusing the king. Following Dolph's death, however, the soldiers have realleged themselves with the crown in a plea for their lives.

Wooden Cubes

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According to the Magic Encyclopedia of the Fey Kingdom, the Wooden Cubes grant their wielder "the power of the ancient weapon" when combined; such power is inferred to be capable of "destroy[ing] the world." Individually, each Wooden Cube appears to empower whoever holds one by a much lesser degree, seemingly enhancing their preexisting natural abilities. Nevertheless, the cubes are coveted in tandem by anyone who desires to wield their power.

The logo on the airship's balloon and on the soldiers' jackets consists of a dark purple, pink, or dark orange square; superimposed on a white, beige, or light orange-brown diamond. It is possible that these squares represent the wooden cubes, and further reflect their value. Whether this logo symbolizes the purpose of the airship or it represents the kingdom itself is unknown.