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09 - Aogeba Toutoshi
Song by Sasaki Sayaka
Song Info
Romaji Aogeba Toutoshi
Duration 1:34
Lyric Unknown; commonly attributed to Shūji Isawa, among others
Composition H.N.D.
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Album Info
Album Nichijou no Gasshou Kyoku
Release Oct 5, 2011
Record Lantis
Catalog LACA-15151
Navigation (Master List)
Previous song Sudachi no Uta
Next song Sora ga Konnani Aoi to wa

仰げば尊し (Aogeba Tōtoshi) is an ending-credits song from Episode 22 of Nichijou.

Aogeba Tōtoshi first appeared in Japan in 1884, when it was included in a book of songs for primary-school students by the Ministry of Education, led by education reformer Shūji Isawa; other details regarding the songs origin are unknown. A school standard, the song became controversial after World War II, both for its worshipful attitude towards teachers that seemed at odds with a now-democratic Japan and its strong association with the old regime.

In 2011, a Japanese professor announced that he had discovered that a song entitled "Song for the Close of School", published in a book of songs for schoolchildren in 1871, had the same melody as Aogeba Tōtoshi.

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